Bring back the joy of learning
with computer science!

Engaging and award-winning K-5 Computer Science curriculum with
step-by-step learning guides for club leaders, teachers and experts

1. Empower computer science learning in a variety of subjects

2. Easily apply time-saving learning guides and curriculum for self-directed learning

3. Unleash collaboration, creativity and joy of learning in every student!

A proven pedagogical approach to uncover creativity

Creative CS curriculum is based on our pedagogical approach "Understand. Practise. Create"

Understand. A learner goes through the main concepts of suggested CS tool or concept.
Practice. Students put the concepts into practice.
Create. Through understanding and practicing, we unleash imagination and invite students to create their own projects.

Time-saving learning guides
for autonomous student learning

A personal, time-saving tool for every kid to follow our pedagogical approach and empower kids' collaboration, self-directed learning and make sure everyone creates their unique projects.

Even with no computer science background, teachers can harness the power of our step-by-step learning guides.

No more spending a ton of time prepping for lessons.

Integrating CS in
a variety of subjects

Bringing programming, VR, 3D modeling, AI and other computer science concepts and tools to the subjects of language, math, science, arts, and others.

Students will hone math skills while they’re learning to code. They’ll learn arts while building virtual reality worlds. They’ll understand science through creative and authentic 3D modeling projects.

360° support
so you are never alone!

We've got your back, whether you are a teacher with no CS experience or are already an advanced teacher!

• Regular skill-building workshops
• Experience sharing and community events
• Time-saving material for work in a classroom
• Our dedicated team answers all your questions about the curriculum in the chat.

80,000 kids impacted and growing!

Over 4,600 teachers are following our creative CS curriculum and using the platform’s learning guides to spark creativity in over 80,000 students.

It’s our mission to serve teachers and give every student a chance to become a creator, despite their gender, location or socioeconomic background.

Our concept development project was chosen and granted by Google

Finalist at MIT Solve's Global Challenge 2020: Learning for Girls & Women

World Summit Awards 2022: TOP5 Education Solutions


Teachers are using the platform to engage student creativity.



Kids are becoming creators and working collaboratively to create unique projects.

Number of times teachers and kids have used our time-saving Learning guides over the last 3 months.

Here is what teachers have to say:

”WOW – kids create their own projects once they grasp the essence of CS concepts. It's a huge motivation for them."

”Kids creativity and intellect is the most important asses that we have – and Teachers Lead Tech helps us to unleash it”.

"I use CS tools in so many subjects, practically every topic can be learned using them. Kids develop analytical thinking, motor skills, creativity."

”This teaching methodology is very consistent, clear and supportive – that's the best way to learn”

Education and technology experts behind the product

We are female-founded team with 7+ years of experience in implementing big scale education projects and building cutting edge technology solutions.